Tools, Strategies and self-help remedies

In case you were curious how I assist you

There are a variety of tools I have learned, studied and been certified in as well as experiences and personal pursuits that I have had through the years. All these will help to assist you and your process of growth/refinment and change.

The list below gives you some idea and is merely a reference and to satiate your curosity, if you are curious.

  • Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching. Using the acclaimed Wellness Inventory as a jump start tools to understand your level of wellness and your motivation to Change.
  • Hypno-therapy. A fascinating process that can work wonders to remove sub-conscious blocks.
  • Handwriting Analysis. A study that is over 800 years old and allows me to create a psychological profile.
  • Psychology. Traditional methods with a reflective look at Erik Erikson's Stages of Psychosocial Development.
  • Yoga, medation and Breathing. Quieting the mind is quickly becomming the key to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
  • NLP. Neuro-Linguistic Programming; A newer science developed in the 70's, but with ever reaching ramifications.
  • Usui Reiki Master. Powerful energy work and teachings from the original lineage.
  • Astrology. A study that is 5000 years old and goes well beyond the simple horoscope - which was actually a gimmick to sell newspapers in London of the 1850's.
  • Dream Analysis. Understanding dreams based on a real versus symbolic meaning of dream elements.
  • Shaminic Studies. My study and experiences with Peruvian Shaman, taught me many old world techniques.

Contact me today to find out how I can assit you in any aspect of your life.

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