Personal Growth is Inevitable

Unless you hide from it

While I use the word personal growth, what that should actually be is personal growth and refinement. After all, you have spent years doing what you do and having success in some areas. The idea of refinement is then to achieve a greater level of success in areas and even create new areas where you have been less than successful.

While this idea of greater success in career, relationship, family and so on may seem elusive, it is probably closer than you think. To make that a little more clear, imagine you want to redo your bathroom, with nice tile or marble and all the all trimmings. You need a couple of things to succeed at that which includes

  • The proper tools.
  • The proper materials.
  • Expertise on how to do that.
  • Ample time to complete the task.

Imagine what your bathroom would look like if you fell short in one or more of these needs. Now imagine your life and ask yourself, do you have the proper tools, materials, expertise and time to create a life that you envision for yourself?

I think we both know the answer to that. While most of you will have some of those it may be like trying to cut your tile with scissors or maybe a hammer. Sound familiar.

The good news is that it may be easier than you think. In the case of our tile, that simply may mean going to a store and buying a tile saw. All of a sudden, the quality and outcome of your job, becomes greatly enhanced.

The difference with the tile job and self-directed human development, it is easy to be mostly/entirely objective about the tile job, but the human side, a whole other story. This is why we seek books, workshops, third party practitioners and so on. Which kind of bathroom, do you want to walk into?

If you are ready to have the kind of life you want - go here ==> I'm ready to act!

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