Lectures and Workshops

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Self-Help and Motivational Lectures

As a dynamic speaker and teacher, my lectures take on a whole other level that is both entertaining and informational. Having taught at several universities and additionly having taught yoga, medation, breathing as well as activities such as sailing and skiing, my talks will be fun and engaging in ways you may not have though possible.

Topics include and may not be limited to

  • Motivational. Just what you or your group need to get the ball rolling.
  • Self-Help. Topics can vary based on your need/desire but can include.
    • Stepping into the new model of Wellness and sustainability.
    • Understanding the critical mind and how to remove mental blocks.
    • Handwriting analysis and grapho-therapy
    • Understanding how to meditate and the associated benefits.

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Self-paced, Guided Workshops

As a dynamic teacher of many topics and subject matter, my style is to create a safe space and an engaging atmosphere to assit one's process of learning and receiving new information.

Workshops can vary but the basis is to assit you in creating not only self-awareness, but how to use this new-found awareness to Manifest what you want in life.

Contact me today to arrage a engagingworkshop in your town or put yourr self on the list to be notified of upcoming events.

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Individual Session Testimonials
Mark has a much gifted presence that comes through immediately at the sound of his voice. His unique discernment by energy vibration, personal astrological chart interpretation & in depth analysis of handwriting is moving and acutely accurate. His rare and unique gifts of intuition & mastery of handwriting analysis are extremely telling, a strong compass in navigating us to incorporate our natural inclinations, through our struggles, in discovery of our talents & strengths.
Malia Cote` - author
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