Wellness and Life Coaching

What is a Wellness or Life Coach and why do I want to use one?

Wellness and Life Coaching 4/3/2013 7:29:00 PM

Coaching, or life coaching is a more recent advent in the world of self-help. In fact, people still ask when told that I coach, ask what sport? We have known sport coaches all of our life and think that is completely normal. Since many don’t know or understand all the ins and outs of performing athletically. Even with natural abilities. The coach helps bring out the best in them. Have you ever heard of a world class skater, swimmer, football etc., without a coach?

So when it comes to life outside of sports, who helps you bring out the best in you? Your parents, teachers and so on create some of that when you are growing up. But then you must ask yourself – Did those people know completely how to bring out the best in you? I think we both know the answer to that.

Why then is the idea of a personal coach so foreign to so many of us? A good coach, with the proper tools simply knows how to bring out the best in their clients. As in any relationship, there is some kind of understanding and rapport in a client/coach relationship. That is where the “spoken understanding” begins. Spoken because with a good coach, communication is clear and there is an agreed upon purpose or goals.

So what then is coaching? Life Coaching can be described as a distinct service that focuses upon an individual’s life and a desired set of outcomes with personal growth in mind. For wellness coaching, we can substitute the word wellness for life and have a similar but slightly different service, though in many way very similar as a person’s increased wellness will fully and without a doubt, enhance their life.

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